Dave Lumsden, President

St Marys Cement

“We have used the Stone Group of Companies to service many areas of our company. Their trucking operation handles over 500,000 tons of various commodities for several of our locations in the U.S and Canada. Their material handling division operates and maintains our slag granulation system located at a major steel mill, producing over 400,000 tons annually. They load this entire volume on vessel over a state of the art ship loading system they designed, built and own. In addition to several short term material handling services, they provide to us on a mobile basis, they recently designed, built and capitalized a dust controlled ship unloading system for one of our Great Lake facilities. The Stone people work hard to provide cost effective solutions, and are open and collaborative. Whether our needs are short term or require a long term contractual commitment, Stone is a supplier we have come to trust and rely on for service and cost savings.”

Ty Nofziger, Vice President/General Manager

Old Castle Materials

“Stone Transport has been instrumental in helping to grow our tonnage shipped from several of our South East Michigan quarries. I have worked with them to open new markets for our limestone and help fill their empty lanes. This has been a true partnership of trust, innovation and win-win since the beginning. I expect this relationship to continue to grow based on the success we have enjoyed over the past 12 years.”

Scott Brown, President

Pickands Mather Lake Services

“Stone Transport and Stone Material Handling are involved in several bulk logistics projects that we manage. They have the unique ability to bring material processing, transportation, ship and rail loading and unloading. Their large network and mobility allows them to be available across North America. We work with them regularly in the Great Lakes Region, South Eastern United States and Canada on complex projects, and truck shipments.”