Stone Transport has transport options such as: Capacity, Lane Optimization, Lane Balancing, Workforce, Spotted Equipment, On-site Switching, Exclusive Service Provider Stone Transport has pioneered many innovative and collaborative practices that have resulted in cost savings and increased sales for our customers, such as: a major aggregate producer added 300,000 tons annually in out of market sales. Collaboration resulted in identifying a chronic empty lane for Stone Transport and a significant market opportunity for aggregate sales in this lane. This true partnership in its 13th year has resulted in 4,000,000 tons of productivity and revenue for both companies.

Capacity: Stone Transport has over 250 tractors and 700 trailers available to meet our customers' needs.

Lane Optimization: Through innovative equipment design and a can do attitude we reduce transportation costs by combining bulk deliveries with finished outbound product. This ensures capacity and makes scheduled deliveries more reliable. Reducing transportation costs also allows our customers to move their products further, thus increasing their market potential.

Lane Balancing: By virtue of our customer base of Global 1000 and highly successful private companies, we can match lanes and reduce empty miles by using the same unit to service the energy, steel, construction and automotive industries all in the same day.

Workforce: Drivers are trained to interact with the various industries we serve, assuring knowledgeable service and safety both on the road and at the customer's site.

Spotted Equipment: Whether its dump trailers, walking floor trailers or roll off boxes, we have over 200 trailers on-site for confirming customers.

On-site Switching: In many cases, we provide on-site switching services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Exclusive Service Provider: We are the first choice for our customers who find it necessary to outsource service for intensive on-site equipment and personnel or dedicated hauling.