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Our Business Is More Than Just Hauling Material From Point A to Point B

Stone Material Handling can deliver a variety of services and equipment to efficiently meet your needs, whatever the commodity, including; material ground loss recovery, dust control, screening, crushing, material decontamination, blending, and conveying. 


We load over 2,000,000 tons annually of a variety of commodities, such as; coke, breeze, pellets, pellet fines, sand, ash, and by-product blends, requiring portable equipment on ships or barges throughout the Great Lakes region. 

Fixed Facilities

Stone Material Handling owns multiple fixed assets at customer sites, which we designed and built to accommodate material handling needs. Through innovation and capital savings, these facilities have provided new opportunities for our customers to generate sales and expand their market by increasing their flexibility in choosing a transportation mode. Our most prominent project is a ship loading facility, which extends one mile into Lake Erie and handles over 750,000 tons annually. 

Blending, Screening, and Crushing

Our combined fleet of loaders, screening plants, crushers, and conveyors number over 300 pieces of well maintained, portable equipment. 

Equipment Rental

We have equpiment available for short term projects or on a long term basis. 

  • Loaders

  • Excavators

  • Crushers

  • Screening Plants

  • Conveyors

  • Pug Mills

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